The Original Cute Owl Polarised Childrens Sunglasses


  • For ages 2-6
  • UV 400 100% UV protection
  • Polarised lenses
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Flexible kid proof frames
  • Removable silcone strap included
  • Conforms to CE health and safety standards

Cute Owl Originals age 2-6 Teal

SKU: 00004
  • Introducing Cute Owl Originals; Premium childrens sunglasses with polarised lenses. They come with the highest available UV400 filter against damaging UVA/B/C sunrays. These category 3 sunglasses provide a high level of sun glare reduction and perfect for bright light conditions such as water/snow.

    The flexible frames are made from TPEE which is a high performance and high temperature elastomer. TPEE has many features of rubber but the properties of a thermoplastic. This means they are strong but also flexible. You can bend these glasses or fold them out flat and they will return to their original shape unharmed. Perfect for curious kids! Combined with a scratch proof coating on the lenses, these glasses are as kid proof as possible.

    Included is an additional silicone strap that can be adjusted to get a perfect and comfortable fit. Ideal for children who take off sunglasses repeatedly or for more active children who like to run, jump and play.

    The sunglasses come with a microfibre pouch to store them when you are on the go. Also they can be used to clean the lenses.

    Cute Owl Sunglasses come in a beautifully designed hard box which can be used as a protective case.

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