Our Story

My name is Jennifer, mum and creator of Cute Owl based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. My family loves being outside, but there was something I noticed. Whenever I went in the car, sat outside, went on a walk, trips to the park or bike rides: I always wear my sunglasses and my daughters rarely did.
I realised that there are several barriers to getting young children to wear sunglasses. My two year old would often wear them for short spells before taking them off. When she takes them off, she invariably messes around with them, bending the legs or dropping them. They would get scratched and damaged and before I know it, they are discarded and forgotten.
When looking for kid-proof sunglasses online I discovered that not only are young eyes still developing and are at greater risk of being damaged by sun exposure, but it is estimated that 60-80% of our lifetime sun exposure takes place before the age of 18. With this in mind it is vital that the lenses in childrens sunglasses are good quality, provide 100% UV protection and are polarised to prevent glare.
I found it difficult to find sunglasses to meet this criteria and that is how Cute Owl started!
Aimed at babies and young children; Cute Owl sunglasses are as comfortable and kid proof as possible as well as having high quality lenses that guarantee full sun protection.
Cute Owl is a new and exciting UK brand, support us by saying hello on social media and sharing your pictures of your Cute Owls wearing our glasses.
Looking forward to hearing from you!