Frequently asked questions

What size are your sunglasses?

Baby Sunglasses fit most infants aged 6months-2years although the strap will fit any head that is 45-52cm in circumferance. Let us know if there is a sizing problem and we will do our best to help. Cute Owl Originals measure 12cm across so will fit most children age 2-6

What are the sunglasses made from?

The frames for both the Baby Sunglasses and the Cute Owl Originals are made from TPEE which is a high performance and high temperature elastomer. TPEE has many features of rubber but the properties of a thermoplastic. This means they are strong but also flexible. They are virtually unbreakable. The lenses are made from TAC which stands for Triacetate Cellulose. There are 7 layers that make up TAC lenses. The 1st is a polarising layer that provides more than 100% polarisation that absorbs glare. The next 2 layers allows durability to resist harsh environments. The following 2 layers provide the UV protection and then then last 2 layers are shook proof layers that increase impact and scratch resistance. On top of this, Cute Owl Sunglasses have a scratch resistant coating to help with knocks and bumps that go with childrens accessories. All materials used in Cute Owl Sunglasses are BPA, Phthalate and lead free.

Help! My child keeps taking the sunglasses off!

This is one of the barriers to childrens wearing sunglasses full stop. Curious hands will whip them away and it can be a battle to keep them on. All our sunglasses come with a strap to help with this. The Baby Sunglasses have a fixed adjustable strap whereas the Cute Owl Originals have a removeable and adjustable strap. Like with most things with Children, start them young. Getting your child to accept sunglasses early on really helps with this issue and start slow and be patient. Even if they only manage to wear them for a few seconds at a time, keep trying and eventually they will become accustomed to wearing them. Equally don't force this issue, little and often is the best approach.

How are Cute Owl Sunglasses presented and what do they come with?

All Cute Owl Sunglasses come in a beautifully designed hard box. Inside you will find the Sunglasses stored in a microfibre pouch and if you order the Cute Owl Originals you will also find a removable, adjustable strap. Use the microfibre pouch for day to day storage as well as cleaning.

Can I return them if i'm not satisfied?

Of course! We at Cute Owl are confident you will love our sunglasses but for any reason you are not completely satisfied we offer a 30 day exchange or refund. To return an item please email us at info@cuteowlsunglasses.com for the returns address and state if you would like an exchange or refund. Send the Sunglasses in the original packaging and postage is not included. Any replacement items will be shipped free of charge.